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Manufacturers Declaration for PROFINET Cabling



For an easy and reliable PROFINET installation a component approach for passive network components has been standardised in the IEC 61784-5-3. The requirement for this approach is, that the passive components fulfil the PROFINET Guideline "PROFINET Interconnection Technology".

For PROFINET passive components the conformity shall be declared by the manufacturer of the product. The declaration form can be downloaded by all PI members from the PI homepage.

The manufacturer shall fill in the product data in this form and send it to  certification[at]

For more than 5 components please use the attached table in addition to the declaration.


You will find the registration number of each registered PROFINET passive network component in the list.


The PROFINET logo may only be used for passive network components with PI registration number.  The PROFINET logo shall not be used for passive network components without a PI registration number.

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