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FDI Host Test Specification



Test Specification and Test Case Instructions for PROFIBUS and PROFINET FDI Hosts


A PROFIBUS PA, PROFIBUS DP and PROFINET FDI host system must be capable of connecting and communicating with a field device using the PROFIBUS / PROFINET communication protocol, loading field device’s Device Package, rendering an EDD and hosting UIPs contained in the field device’s Device Package. A Reference Device Package, Reference Device, and Test Procedures supplied by PI are used to verify the FDI Host System meets the requirements defined in the FDI Host System Requirements and the PROFIBUS Protocol and DD specifications.

The scope of this document is and not limited to, cover FDI specific additional rules that FDI host shall support to fulfil the conformance to the FDI.

In addition the test specification shall be used for conformance tests of FDI Host.




Version: 1.1.0

Order No.: 2.552

Language: English

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