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This specification describes how to communicate HART via PROFIBUS DP. The specification defines a HART application layer which guarantees an interoperable access between different applications and different HART Master Devices. The applications can run either on a PC connected directly to PROFIBUS or on a PC communicating via the system or on the controller itself.
The specification defines:
- communication mechanism on PROFIBUS
- state machines
- feature functionalities

This specification standardizes the communication between client applications in HART compatible devices via PROFIBUS DP. Furthermore, it standardizes the nomenclature used with HART-capable PROFIBUS DP Slaves, their configuration, and their operation.

This specification includes:
- Definition of Data Type Application Service Elements,
- Definition of HART Application Service Elements,
- Definition of HART Profile Protocol Data Units,
- Coding of HART Profile Protocol Data Units,
- Definition of HART Master Device State Machines and
- Definition of Device Data Base Key Words.

The revision 2.0 at hand extends the previous version by the mapping of HART variables into the cyclic PROFIBUS DP data. It also covers the HART extensions until HART V7 by describing amongst other things the mapping for WirelessHART Devices and HART Device Variables.

The profile 2.0 does not define security extensions for minimizing the potential system vulnerability during the transport of sensible HART configuration data via PROFIBUS like e.g. the Network Join Keys. This must be done manufacturer-specific, unless the PI Project Group “Security” provides an according profile for PROFINET.

Any device claiming conformances must implement all the mandatory features.



Version: 2.0

Order No.: 3.102

Language: English

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