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Intelligent Pumps



This device profile has been developed to specify the informational bookkeeping of liquid and vacuum pumps. The standard agreed between manufacturers and users shall be adopted device type and application spanning for liquid and vacuum pumps.

The device profile is fundamentally based on the VDMA specification “Generic Device Profile for Liquid and Vacuum Pumps” (VDMA 24223). Wheareas the VDMA specification defines generic elements and universal functional structures of pumps, one task of the present “Device Profile for Intelligent Pumps” is to concretise specified elements within PROFIBUS and PROFINET.

Version: 1.0
Order No: 2.422
Language: English

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Our well-known PI technologies


PROFIBUS är en standardiserad, öppen, digital kommunikation för alla applikationer inom tillverknings- och processautomation.


PROFINET är den innovativa öppna standarden för Industriellt Ethernet. Den uppfyller alla automationsteknologins behov. 

IO-LINK är en oberoende lösning för givar-/ställdonsinterface som passar i all automation.