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IO-Link Safety System Extensions



For the design of functional safety communication on IO-Link there exist mainly three options:
•        existing functional safety communication profiles (FSCP) specified within the IEC 61784-3- x series, tunnelling across IO-Link;
•        a new universal FSCP suitable for all fieldbuses standardized in IEC 61158, also tunnelling across IO-Link;
•        a new lean dedicated functional safety communication interface (IO-Link Safety) solely  between Device and Master requiring a safety gateway for the connection to FSCPs.

This document specifies only the new lean functional safety communication interface including connectivity of OSSDe type safety sensors (FS-Devices).

The concept of IO-Link Safety allows for local safety signal processing (safety functions) if the FS-Master provides a local safety controller. This document specifies the interfaces if required.

You will find the IO-Link Safety System Extensions on the IO-Link web site:
IO-Link Safety System Extensions.


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